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"The single best thing about taking classes through Oaks Christian Online School  is the support, guidance, and encouragement of the person behind the computer – the online faculty!"        

Ridge K., Lake Sherwood CA

At Oaks Christian Online School, all part-time and full-time students will have access to our Christian teachers, our admissions counselors, and the technical support team. Full-time students will have the added benefit of access to an expanded staff called the A-Team -- a support team for ‘A’dded success. This team includes spiritual life advisors and college counselors.

A-Team Mission:

  • To be a “living curriculum,” along with OCO teachers, to care for and mentor students
  • To build stronger one-on-one relationships with students
  • To give practical advice and to help students become more successful in meeting academic goals
  • To provide an extra resource for students exploring their own faith
  • To become an advocate for students during the college application process
  • To link students with extra resources such as tutoring or counseling if necessary
  • To establish and support excellence in curriculum, support, and overall user experience

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