Student Testimonials

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“I felt like Mr. Lindsey was always there when I needed him and he consistently got back to me and I liked to see his specific feedback on my assignments. Although it was through the computer, I felt like there was personal interaction because of the comments, emails, and discussions, both written and virtual.”

American Government Summer School Student

“I appreciated the class discussions because it was nice to hear from the other students and understand why they believe what they do believe. I felt like it was easy to reach the teacher and the other students if I had questions or needed help. My understanding of government is much richer now that I have taken this course. It helped me understand the value in research and the value in being educated about current events.”

American Government Summer School Student

The single best thing about Christian distance learning and taking my classes online is that I get to plan my own schedule and work at my own pace.

Jessica G., Kampala, Uganda

The best part of my online school experience is the flexibility I am allowed to have with my schedule, enabling time for many extra-curricular activities such as music and photography.

Tim B., Los Angeles, CA

Oaks Christian Online school is one of the best accredited online high schools.  It gives me the ability to study AP Chemistry independently, and the best part is that I can move at my own pace. I have a schedule, but I don't feel rushed.

Summer S., Dallas, TX

I have lots of things that I love about the Christian distance learning and online school – having a free schedule and having one-on-one time with the teacher. 

Zhiyu Zou, Shanghai, CN

The best part about taking my classes online is that I was able to work at a pace that made the material not only manageable, but enjoyable without being intimidating. It allowed me to take longer on areas that were significantly more difficult, spending time trying to find out how I could learn specific topics instead of skipping ahead and feeling overwhelmed. Francesca A., Malibu, CA

The single best thing about taking classes through Oaks Christian Online School  is the support, guidance, and encouragement of the person behind the computer – the online faculty!  It is one of the best accredited online high schools in Los Angeles.            

Ridge K., Lake Sherwood, ca

What I like most about Christian distance learning and taking my classes online is that I can do it when I want and at my speed, which is a lot faster than the normal speed of a class.

Lauren D., Newbury Park, CA

Oaks Christian Online School has given me the freedom to work at my own pace so I don't feel pressured from my other schoolwork.

brandon c., oak park, ca

The best part of Oaks Online is the convenience of being able to manage my own class time with in my busy schedule.

leanna s., thousand oaks, ca

By studying online, I am able to work according to my schedule and there's lots of flexibility.

andrew h., india

In being able to create my own pace, I was able to maximize my effectiveness in a way that is nearly impossible to do in a typical brick and mortar school.

Josh z., camarillo, ca

Taking classes online has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. The people behind this program really want to see you succeed! Oaks Christian Online is one of the best accredited online high schools in the country.

Veronica D., Los angeles, ca

Taking Algebra online was the perfect opportunity to master one concept at a time which allowed my student to master the subject. We couldn't have had a better experience

Leslie D., ventura, ca

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