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  • OCO Sophomore in Uganda Accepted to California Main Campus

    April 16

    Lynsey Kenogo has been taking her online, sophomore-level courses with Oaks Christian Online High School for the past year. She found the Oaks Christian main campus website online in 2011 while living in Rwanda. After emailing with the Director of International Students, she decided to completecollege-preparatory courses through Oaks Christian Online School before attempting to travel to the United States. During that time, Lynsey moved to Uganda and was able to take her online high school coursework with her. Because of internet and power issues in her Kampala, Uganda, neighborhood, Lynsey often works during the evening and into the night in order to access her courses and participate in course live, web-conferencing sessions held in other time zones.

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  • OCO Juniors Receive Rave Reviews from King’s College Professor

    March 31

    Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) partners with several colleges to offer dual-enrollment courses, including Berklee College of Music and Grand Canyon University, but two OCO students recently completed online courses with The King’s College in New York City, NY, with honors. Hank Jeannel and Summer Senn, OCO full-time, online Juniors, recently completed a dual-enrollment literature course about the fantasy works of C.S. Lewis that was taught by Dr. Bruce L. Edwards. The students received high praise in their college-level coursework as well as an invitation to post an exemplary article on the professor’s website.

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  • OCO Junior, Ciara Bravo, Lands Fox Pilot

    March 12

    Ciara Bravo (Big Time Rush) and Nolan Sotillo (Prom) have booked lead roles on Fox's pilot, Red Band Society, from Amblin TV and ABS Studios. It is a coming-of-age drama that explores with dark humor the daily lives of a group of teenagers living in a hospital who become unlikely friends.

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  • Oaks Christian Learning Center and Online School Host Open House on March 2

    February 26

    The Oaks Christian (OC) Learning Center and the OC Online School have experienced tremendous growth over the past three years, making it necessary for the both to relocate from the main campus to the newly remodeled Westlake Plaza building at 3122 Cedar Valley Drive, adjacent to the OC high school campus in Westlake Village. The OC Learning Center serves more than 500 students with more than 45 expert tutors. The OC Online School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and offers 65 online courses, including eight Advancement Placement (AP) courses. This year, the OC Online School will offer approximately 1,100 semester courses, currently serving many OCS main campus students and more than 50 full-time students from eight states and six countries.

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  • American Student Studying in T'bilisi, Georgia, Begins Semester with Oaks Christian Online High School

    February 12

    Alex Howell lives in T'bilisi, Georgia, but has started the second semester of his sophomore year with Oaks Christian Online School. He is originally from Nokesville, Virginia, but has been living in the capital of Georgia for 8 months while his dad serves as a contractor for the Georgian armed forces. Alex’s father served in the Army for 30 years, and other international posts for the family have included South Korea and Germany. This region of Georgia is famous for its view of Mt. Kazbek in the Caucasus range, and Alex likens the weather to Washington D.C. He has picked up some of the local language, Kartuli, and knows enough to be able to use the city’s excellent public transit system, while visiting friends he has made at his local church, the T’bilisi International Fellowship. Alex decided to travel abroad with his family for more adventure, and says, “I like the different views on life that I find in other countries.”

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  • Oaks Christian Online High School Launches Its First School Profile for 2014 Graduating Class

    January 31

    Oaks Christian launched in January its first OCO School Profile for the graduating class of 2014. The annual document highlights the school’s mission and program as well as classes offered online, graduation requirements and statistics for the graduating class of 2014. The School Profile shows Advanced Placement (AP) pass rates, average college placement testing scores and college admissions results specifically for the current graduating class. This document is used by college admissions counselors around the country to better characterize the rigor of the online high school courses, the abilities of its high school graduates and the success of its program in preparing students for college. The purpose of the college-preparatory, accredited online high school is to successfully bring the mission and reputation of the acclaimed Oaks Christian School main campus in Westlake Village, CA, to students outside its campus. With 100% of OCO graduates accepted to a four-year college, OCO and its School Profile reflect how well the online school has accomplished that mission.

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  • OCO Junior Rides in Foxfield’s December Holiday Hunter-Jumper Show

    December 23

    Gloria Holzapfel will be riding and jumping at the Foxfield Holiday Competition in Westlake Village, CA, on December 29th, 2013. Foxfield Riding School has been in existence since 1967, and the 45th annual unrated holiday event is known for its Gambler’s Choice Jumpers and an event that includes jumping the Christmas tree to earn the most points. Riders will come from all over for the event and look for ‘clean’ runs, with the horse hitting no rails or fences, and the fastest times.

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  • OCO Student Releases Third Original Song to iTunes in December

    November 26

    Oaks Christian High School Sophomore Annika Dupuis is working with Brotheryn Studios to record and produce music. She has recently released ‘Goldfish Tank’ and ‘Ashes of What I Knew’ on iTunes and announced this week that a third song, ‘You Don’t Owe Me’, will be released in December. This latest song was inspired by a popular Persian poem, ‘The Sun Never Says’. Brotheryn Studios is based in Ojai California, and Annika is one of the younger writers working with producer Todd Hannigan and music scorer Jason Mirani, who has also won a Grammy for his work with Mumford and Sons. Annika writes the lyrics and music as well as adding piano and vocals, and her dad, the owner of a graphic design business, creates the music cover art work. Annika has been writing lyrics since she was 8 and playing the piano and singing since 9. She has won 2 awards for lyrics through the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers – Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, as well as earning poetry and photography awards and publication. Annika’s songs often reflect events in her life, but she tries to create lyrics that everyone can relate to in their own life.

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  • OCO Student Exemplifies Benefits of UC Approved Course While Traveling

    November 19

    Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) writes online curriculum that aligns with its prestigious, college preparatory school in Westlake Village, CA. The UC system has just approved the online OCO World History course for its A-G course list, and Christian Name is taking the rigorous online course while traveling and seeing the world first hand.

    Christian has been traveling his entire life. His dad was an Argentinian actor who now works for one of the largest telecommunications companies in South America. Christian’s mom is the Director for the Office of the Founder for the Jane Goodall Institute. Christian is currently living in Southern California while his parents get ready to relocate, and he will be traveling on his own to Panama in November to meet up with his mom, who he has not seen for several months. The Jane Goodall institute is a global non-profit founded by the renowned anthropologist, Jane Goodall, and it empowers people – especially young people – to make a difference. His mom is in Panama with the institute for the November Earthtrain webcast on bio-cultural leadership. Christian knows Jane Goodall well, as she has served as his adopted grandmother. “I know that Jane is inspiring to many people, but to me she is my grandma. We call and Skype, and she cracks down on my online homeschool work.”

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  • OCO Sophomore Writes and Directs Short Film to Shoot in December

    October 28

    Oaks Christian Online School Sophomore Coleman Beltrami, son of Academy Award-nominated film composer Marco Beltrami, has written a short-length film that will cast in the next few weeks and that he will direct in December. The film is set in the near future and features the main character’s journey through a world where medicines have the potential to cure all known psychological disorders. Once completed, Coleman plans to submit the short film to festivals and have it serve as an example of his work. He has also written a feature-length script that he hopes to shoot next that involves a 22 year-old, American college student finding elusive happiness in the midst of a hijacking to South Africa. Coleman finds the inspiration for his scripts while writing at his dad’s Pianella Studio in Malibu, CA. Coleman says, “I’ve had a chance to listen and talk to directors who have worked with my dad and given me inspiration. I don’t think I would have this interest for film, if it weren’t for my dad.”

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  • OCO Sophomore Tests Out Her Future as a Computer Engineer

    October 07

    Oaks Christian Online School Sophomore Ridley Crowley lives in Amarillo, TX, and as a full-time, online high school student is taking online computer courses this year to identify a direction for her college major. Ridley would love to go to West Texas A&M University, where her older sister attends, and study Computer Engineering. She hopes that her computer classes for this year and beyond, such as Computer Game Design 1, may help her determine her future. She’s recently discovered her love for computers and working online and says, “Oaks has given me a great deal of flexibility, but it also challenges and tests me. I don’t have to relearn things with a class; I can just keep moving ahead if I like something.”

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  • OCO Student Athletes and Parent Start off School Year Together

    September 30

    Taylor and Jack Hein are both student athletes from Fruita, CO, that attend Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO). Taylor is a freshman and competitive soccer player that has recently been invited to the October two-day tryouts for the Colorado Youth-14 Olympic Development Program. A team will be selected and train together to represent Colorado in a regional competition. From there, selections will be made for a national team. The event is by invitation only, with a limited number of players selected to attend tryouts. Taylor plays for Club Fire FC and at 14 is playing up three years for a U-17 premier club team. With her busy travel schedule, Taylor has enjoyed homeschooling online. She says, “I love school because it’s Oaks, and to me, Oaks is such a special place. Everybody is so welcoming and genuine.”

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  • OCO All-around Student Performer Takes Berklee College of Music Course

    September 02

    Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) Junior Georgia Leva is looking forward to starting a new school year online and taking her first dual-enrollment course through Berklee College of Music. OCO offers a partnership with Berklee Music to help its online college-preparatory students meet their year-long visual and performing arts credits. Students have taken courses such as Rock History, Voice Technique and other online courses that count towards both high school and college credit from the prestigious music school. Georgia will be taking Lyric Writing from Berklee because of her interest in all aspects of music and the performing arts.

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  • OCO Freshman Competes at World Scottish Highland Dancing Qualifiers in Scotland

    August 26

    Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) freshman Megan Watson won the U.S. Inter-Regional Championship for Highland Dancing in the over 14 and under 16 year-old, Premier category in Scottsdale, AZ, in July of this year. She won last year also for the 12 to 13-year-old category. These wins allow Megan to travel to Scotland to qualify for the World Championship at the Cowal Highland Gathering. When Megan traveled to Scotland last year, she qualified to dance in the World Championship, and she’s going to try and repeat the experience this year. “It’s an honor just to qualify at that level,” Megan says. She plans to compete in several smaller competitions in Scotland the week before the qualifying meets of August 30th and 31st.

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  • Oaks Christian Headmaster will Retire

    August 21

    The longtime headmaster of Oaks Christian School will retire at the end of this school year. Jeff Woodcock, 62, was hired when the private school in Westlake Village was founded 15 years ago. Under his leadership, Oaks Christian grew from 198 students to more than 1,400.

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  • International Student Starts Her Senior Year with Oaks Christian Online High School

    July 30

    Elle Stanley has started off her senior year in Barbados by taking an online Latin course with Oaks Christian Online High School. She moved from Thousand Oaks, CA, to Bridgetown, Barbados, to live with her family while her father works at the U.S. Embassy. There are private schools in Bridgetown, but many of them require students to spend their last two years in the school before graduating. After looking at several accredited online high schools, Elle decided to enroll in Oaks Christian Online School’s college-preparatory, online program for her senior year. To meet the graduation requirements, she is taking an additional year of Latin and decided to start during the summer while she adjusted to the new city. She says, “I was a little anxious before I knew what to expect with online learning, but now I know I can work at my own pace rather than sitting in a classroom all day.”

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  • Oaks Christian Online High School Partners with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona

    July 01

    Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) has just partnered with Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, AZ, and OCO juniors and seniors havesigned up to take English Composition, Foundations of a Christian Worldview and College Algebra and Trigonometry in the coming semesters. OCO college-preparatory, online high school students are also excited about the more than 50 dual enrollment, online class offerings available. GCU has committed to offering affordable and efficient ways for high school students to gain a head start on their college education by earning both high school and college credit at the same time. Each course earns four college credits, and dual enrollment students may take up to 24 units (6 courses) that can transfer into GCU degree programs.

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  • Oaks Christian Online High School Student Wins National Artist of the Year Award

    July 01
    gI_132835_Veronica Dunne.jpg

    Veronica Dunne, from Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA, was named Artist of the Year at the National Youth Art awards in Los Angeles, CA, on June 6, 2013. More than 300 productions from 10 states were reviewed. To be nominated for the category of Artist of the Year, a student under the age of 18 has to have three leads in three different shows in the span of one year. Veronica was Sally Bowles in Cabaret, the Stage Manager in Our Town and Ariel in Footloose. The National Youth Arts’ judges attended all of the shows and honored Veronica with this prestigious award based upon her performances. Veronica was thrilled by the honor and said, “I feel so blessed. Working hard is very important to me - I love what I do so much! This is more than a passion to me; it's everything.“

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  • OCO High School Partners with The King’s College in New York City

    May 28

    The King’s College, a Christian liberal arts college in New York City, has selectively partnered with Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) to allow online, college-preparatory students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit.

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  • OCO Expands Operations and Relocates Headquarters

    May 23

    Oaks Christian School has recently purchased the Westlake Plaza business complex, which is adjacent to the high school campus and is located at 31255 Cedar Valley Drive, Westlake Village, California. This acquisition allows the online High School to continue with expansion plans and accommodate a growing number of students, staff, course offerings and new programs for students from all over the world.

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