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  • Online Christian Consortium Provides Accredited Learning Platform for Other Faith-Based Schools

    November 30

    The Online Christian Consortium (http://www.onlinechristianconsortium.org/), a leadership organization of schools committed to Christian, college-preparatory online programs, extends an invitation to other Christ-based schools to join its coalition. The Consortium’s Partner Schools will benefit from sharing specialized online curriculum, best practices and other resources.

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  • Oaks Christian Online Launches WASC and SAIS Accredited Online Middle School Program for 7th and 8th Grade Students

    August 10

    In response to the high demand for top-tier, flexible, accredited online course options for students, Oaks Christian Online (OCO), one of the nation’s finest college-preparatory online schools, launches its first online program for seventh and eighth grade students. While OCO is a private, non-profit institution, students from both public and private schools are eligible for enrollment. All courses are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), as well as the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

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  • Online Christian Consortium Establishes Premium Partnership with Orlando-based The First Academy

    August 10

    The Online Christian Consortium, a leadership organization of schools committed to theologically engaged, college-preparatory, accredited, online programs expands its member base with the addition of The First Academy, a private, independent Christian school accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The First Academy is also a member of the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

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  • OCO Freshmen Bond Over Science, Passions and College Plans

    May 02

    Oaks Christian Online School freshmen, Jonathan Pegram, Devon Watson, Ethan Saucedo and Samantha D’Ambrosio, meet regularly for science labs on the main campus of Oaks Christian School in order to meet the University of California requirement for in person labs in their UC approved Biology course. The students spend two, eight-hour days per semester working with a science teacher on experiments and dissections. Devon, who would like to be a chemical engineer one day, particularly liked the fetal pig dissection in the labs held on April 16th. The freshmen are all full-time, online students and come from as far away as Sunnyvale, in central California, to participate in on-campus labs. Students in Physics, Chemistry, Marine Biology and AP Biology also come to campus that day, and these lab students can be from the Oaks Christian main campus, from other local schools or in the full-time, online program.

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  • OCO Sophomore Prepares for Solo Dance Debut

    April 04

    Radhika Bhuckory has been studying since September to perform in her three hour dance debut in the classical Indian dance tradition of Bharatanatyam.

    Westlake Village, CA – March 30, 2016 Radhika Bhuckory is a sophomore at Oaks Christian Online School (OCO), as part of the acclaimed Oaks Christian campus in Westlake Village, CA. Radhika attends online school partially to give her time to explore the classical Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam. She has been dancing this form for ten years but has been focusing since September on preparing for her three hour, graduation-style solo dance debut, also known as Arangetram. Radhika has been building stamina and trying new choreography in order to complete the 9 required dances and to show her personal style and love of the dance. “I’ll be able to experience dance in a new way after this feat,” she says. Radhika performs at the Shakti Dance Company and School which is known as one of the oldest Bharatanatyam dance schools in Southern California. The dance company performs throughout the US and internationally, and Radhika has been selected to participate in their production of Mara at the Ford Theater in July. This artistic sophomore also studies classical, South Indian Carnatic music and hopes to sing in a solo concert in 2017 after her dance debut.

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  • Oaks Christian Online Junior to Act in Short Film

    January 28

    Julia Conoscenti, with the help of her dad, pursues music, acting and sports while preparing for college and beyond.

    Westlake Village, CA – January 27, 2016 Julia Conoscenti is a junior with Oaks Christian Online school, as part of the Oaks Christian campus in Westlake, Village, CA. She has recently been cast as a principle role in the film “Street Ships” produced by Regan Young. While on the back lot at Universal Studios this week, Julia commented on the film, “The characters turn their cars into pirate ships and get their whole street to play along. It has this whole Peter Pan whimsical mood to it.” Julia plays a supporting role, as the friend of main-character Alex, and they go on magical adventures together.

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  • Oaks Christian Senior Launches Non-profit In November

    November 24

    Oaks Christian senior, Catherine Michael, pursues her passion for philanthropy and aviation while completing her senior year as a blended main campus and online student.

    Senior Catherine Michael has received non-profit 501(c)(3) status this week for her charitable organization, Building an Education Foundation. Catie is excited to help the El Tranisto Centro de Artes in Nicaragua as her foundation’s first charitable act. Catie first visited the art center located in a rural fishing village on a week-long mission trip and then, after finding out about their education, employment and environmental missions, re-visited director Julie Sim Edwards to find out what more she could do to help. As a start, Catie’s non-profit will provide a much-needed avenue for charitable donations to the center’s local, annual children’s art competition.

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  • OCO Junior Signs with Modeling Agency

    November 02

    Andi Longan signs with Vision Los Angeles to continue her modeling career.

    Westlake Village, CA – October 30, 2015 Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) Junior Andi Longan has recently signed with Vision Los Angeles, a selective model management agency located in Los Angeles, CA. The 5’11” high school student has done an e-news fashion segment, videos, test shoots, casting calls and would like to do runway and print modeling. Andi was introduced to the idea of modeling by her older sister, Shelby Longan, who is currently studying Neurobiology at ASU and who has high interest in the fashion industry. Andi has been scouted for several years and has been preparing since then for the 15-16 year-old category. Andi chose to go from the Oaks Christian main campus in Westlake Village, CA, to Oaks Christian Online high school to pursue this passion. “I also chose OCO because of its spiritual aspect; I want to keep my faith strong and keep it growing,” she says. “The Spiritual Life and Bible classes encourage me to take different perspectives on things, and they also allow me socialize with other online high school students.”

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  • OCO Launches Original Online Computer Courses to Prepare Students for Technology Careers and Success in the AP Computer Science Course

    October 05

    Sandra Ruiz, MA in Computer Science, has written Introduction to Computer Languages and Java Programming classes for Oaks Christian Online School students.

    Westlake Village, CA – October 1, 2015 Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) Subject Matter Expert Sandra Ruiz has written an online Introduction to Computer Languages course that will launch in January of 2016. Ms. Ruiz has both a BA and an MA in Computer Science and worked at Raytheon as a Software Engineer for 9 years. Ms. Ruiz has also taught both main campus and online courses at the collegiate level before coming to Oaks Christian as a course writer. “I applied to Oaks Christian Online School as a teacher, but I found the course writing very interesting,” she says, “Now I love it. There is a lot of support for both the course writers and the teachers.”

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  • Oaks Christian School Blended Online and Main-campus Student Pursues Dance Passions

    August 31

    Kendall Winer travels with hip hop team while earning her high school diploma through Oaks Christian School.

    Westlake Village, CA – August 25, 2015 Oaks Christian School, a Christian, college-preparatory, Independent school in Westlake Village, CA, offers its students both main campus and online course options. Oaks Christian Online School is one of only a handful of online, accredited, independent schools with a blended program in the United States. Kendall Winer, an Oaks Christian sophomore, has taken advantage of a blend of main-campus and online courses in order to pursue her passion: dance. Kendall is part of the 3-23 Area Kidz dance crew, a world-champion hip hop dance team out of Los Angeles. The team consists of 57 dancers and incorporates modern, African, Latin, and other innovative styles. Kendall has been dancing for 5 years and has danced on the junior varsity dance team at Oaks Christian School as well. She had been dancing technical and tap, but once she saw the team at Oaks Christian, she wanted to return to the jazz-funk style. This year, Kendall dances on the varsity team at Oaks Christian as well as for 3-23 Area Kidz. Kendall says, “The 3-23 Area Kidz come from all different backgrounds, and we can often help each other through tough situations. I’m also fortunate to be on the Oaks Christian team; it’s like family.”

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  • National Paint Horse Competitor Studies with OCO while Traveling the Country

    August 31

    Megan McClain shows her Paint horse, travels to competitions and keeps up with college-preparatory school work.

    Westlake Village, CA – August 25, 2015 Oaks Christian Online High School junior, Megan McClain, travels the country showing and competing with Paint horses. The American Paint Horse Association and the Pinto Horse Association of America together boast over a million registered horses and hold annual junior events for showing and competing. Megan and her horses show in both English and Western in the all-around events. While Megan competes with the top 20 in the nation and has earned multiple world and congress titles and championships, she hopes to be the number 1 youth in the country before her career is up. She has qualified for the Pinto World and Paint World Shows each year and has been one point away from the World Championship winner in the past. These shows offer a dizzying array of awards, including buckles, saddles, scholarships and more depending on the title that is being competed for.

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  • Oaks Christian Online School Junior Studies While Playing Golf in Korea

    July 31

    Yoona Chang joined Oaks Christian Online School half way through her sophomore year in order to pursue her dream of becoming a golf professional and complete her American diploma online. Yoona is from West Hills, CA, but her family is from Seoul, Korea, and they knew about the rise of women golfers from the more than 500 golf academies there. While Yoona has only been playing for a year, she attended her first junior tournament in Korea’s Jeju Island in April of this year. Her score was not what she had hoped for, but she states, “There are so many good women golfers in Korea; it makes me realize that if I keep it up, I will get better.”

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  • Oaks Christian Online School Operations Manager to Speak at Regional Canvas Conferenc

    July 31

    Oaks Christian Online High School’s Operations Manager, Stephanie Pope, will be speaking at the SoCal CanvasCon event on August 4th, in Huntington Beach, CA. The event is put on by Instructure, makers of the award-winning, cloud-based, learning management system (LMS) Canvas and will be attended by hundreds of Southern California K-12 schools and Canvas users. The event is an opportunity for schools to share best practices in online and blended learning while finding out the newest features of the popular LMS.

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  • Oaks Christian Online High School Hosts First Three-day, Fly-in Graduation Event

    June 04

    Online high school students from around the country will fly in and participate in events that celebrate their 100% college acceptance.

    Westlake Village, CA – June 3, 2015 Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) is hosting its first-ever, on-campus graduation events for online students from around the country. The events will begin on Thursday, June 11th, on the Oaks Christian campus in Westlake Village, CA, with a welcome reception and Baccalaureate. Although many of the college preparatory students have gotten to know each other well in their online courses over the last four years, for many of them, this will be their first time meeting face to face. On Friday, June 12th, parents and students will join for a senior breakfast before the graduates head to Six Flags Magic Mountain and then a dinner and dance event. Finally, the seniors will have a formal commencement and receive their Oaks Christian Online High School diplomas on the Oaks Christian campus on Saturday, June 13th.

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  • OCO Invests in Building Online Italian Language Program

    May 01

    Antoinette Cavalier joins OCO as Italian Subject Matter Expert.

    Westlake Village, CA – Oaks Christian Online (OCO) School is launching several high-level online language course alternatives, including online American Sign Language and Italian. To begin the process of writing high school online Italian courses, Oaks Christian virtual high school has hired Antoinette Cavaliere of New York as a online high school course writer and subject matter expert. Antoinette is a native speaker. She was born in the United Sates, but Italian was her first language growing up at home. Her family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, in 1965, just before she was born. A good portion of her family still resides just outside Pompeii in southwestern Italy. She says, “I feel most at home when I’m speaking Italian.”

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  • OCO Juniors Accepted to International Internship

    May 01

    Madison and Makena Frink will travel to London this summer to work in the culinary and restaurant management business.

    Westlake Village, CA – Oaks Christian Online (OCO) High School juniors and twins, Madison and Makena Frink, have just been accepted to work with Discovery Internships in the culinary and restaurant management business this summer. The sisters will be interning at two local, London restaurants and staying at a dormitory with other internship students from throughout Europe. The application process was rigorous and consisted of submitting their current grades, applications and recommendation letters from their AP English Online Language teacher and College Counselor. Both students are anxious about the opportunity to live on their own, see London and participate in day trips to other parts of the UK and perhaps Paris. Madison says, “We’re a little nervous about traveling on our own, but there are advisors there to help, and it should be a great adventure.”

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  • Oaks Christian Names Dr. Laura E. McCollum as Provost

    March 31

    Oaks Christian School is pleased to announce the appointment of Laura E. McCollum, Ed.D. as Provost and Associate Head of School for Academics. As the school’s chief academic officer, Dr. McCollum will be responsible for fulfilling the Oaks vision of academic excellence as the primary signature element of an Oaks education dedicated to Christ.

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  • OCO Director to Speak at OESIS International Conference for Independent Schools

    February 27

    Oaks Christian Online (OCO) School’s Director, Vicki Conway, will speak at the Online Educator’s Symposium for Independent Schools (OESIS) at Eton College in Windsor on March 25th, 2015. Vicki will speak to a group of independent school leaders from the UK and US about a sustainable blended and fully-online learning program. Oaks Christian online high school is part of the acclaimed Oaks Christian main campus in Westlake Village, CA, and since the online high school’s inception in 2010, OCO has been in a unique position to understand how high school main campuses use blended and fully-online high school classes to facilitate sustainability and flexibility for its students.

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  • South African Community-Minded Student Starts Junior Year with OCO

    February 02

    Luyolo Matyumza, from Pretoria, South Africa, enrolls to complete an American diploma with online, Christian, college-preparatory high school.

    New Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) junior, Luyolo Matyumza, had the flexibility to start her Junior year online in January of this year. Luyolo went to a Quaker high school in Delaware until the end of her sophomore year when she became homesick for her mother in South Africa. Her mom had received an undergraduate degree in education while in the United States and then returned home to work in an international school and continue her graduate degree online with Concordia University

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  • Oaks Christian School’s English Teacher Becomes OCO School Dean

    December 29

    Beloved teacher, Amy Harriton, moves from main campus to online school.

    Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) welcomes Amy Harriton from the acclaimed Oaks Christian School main campus faculty to her new role with the online school. Amy will move from English teacher and co-department chair to Dean of Students with the online school as the founding Dean, Stevi Jones, transfers to Texas. Amy has been teaching for 14 years and has recently been teaching Honors and CP Argumentation and American Ideology as well as AP English Language and Composition on the main campus. She has taught in private, public and independent schools, and her previous courses have ranged from Journalism and American Authors to the classics. When asked about her favorite books, Amy replies, “My favorite book is the book that’s in hand. I have a love of the classics, though, and I’ve read the Scarlet Letter thirteen or fourteen times; every time I read it I learn something new about the way Hawthorne puts language together.”

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